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How Do I Set up the XPRO4?


How Do I Set up the XPRO4?



Press power-buttonand hold for 3 seconds to turn the XPRO4 on or off





When you turn on the XPRO4, it will be in Record Mode


Click power-buttononce for Photo Mode


Click power-buttontwice for Video Playback


Click power-buttonthree times for Photo Playback


Click power-buttonfour times for Setting


Click power-button five times to return to Record Mode. You can now continue cycling through the modes.





Press  sort-up-and-down-arrows-coupleto see all functions and settings for each mode



Recommended Setup:

Language: Choose the language you prefer from the 9 available languages.

Screen Off: Sets a timer to automatically turn off the camera’s screen and save battery. This function won’t cause the camera to stop recording. The camera will continue recording while the LCD screen is off. Press any button to turn screen on again.

Auto Shut Down: Sets a timer allowing the camera to turn off automatically after a set period of disuse.

Video / Photo Stamp: Allows you to control whether or not the date and time appear in the lower right-hand corner of your videos and photos. (Turn this function on if you are using the XPRO4 as a dash cam)

Time Setup: Set the time for your camera. When the XPRO4 connects to your computer, it will automatically sync with the computer’s time and date.


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