TEAM8 E – Golf GPS Earbuds


1. World’s First Golf GPS Earbuds: Innovative design combining high-quality sound for both GPS guidance and music enjoyment.
2. Customizable Golf Experience: Offers distances to the middle, front, and back of the green tailored to your preference.
3. Hazard Distance Awareness: Double-tap feature for instant information on the nearest hazard, enhancing confidence on the course.
4. Shot Distance Measurement: Long tap to accurately calculate and improve your shot distance.
5. Intuitive Touch Controls: Right earbud features touch control for easy access to precise distances to greens and hazards.
6. Wireless Charging Capability: Convenient charging with a wireless charging case, ensuring your earbuds are always ready.
7. Superior Sound Quality: Enjoy crystal-clear audio for both your music and golf course guidance.
8. Streaming Service Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Spotify, Apple Music, and more for an enjoyable listening experience.
9. Phone Call Functionality: Supports making and receiving calls, adding convenience to your golfing sessions.
10. Long Battery Life: Up to 9 hours of playtime at 1/3 volume, with a charging case that provides additional charges.

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World's First Golf GPS Earbuds

TEAM8 E Gray (8)

Tailor Your Golf Experience

Customize your golf experience: Middle green or front, middle, back distances, always your way.

Navigate Hazards

Double tap to instantly know the nearest hazard distance. Golf with confidence.

Measure Your Shots

Long tap to calculate your shot distance accurately. Elevate your game.


The TEAM8 E earbuds are a state-of-the-art golf accessory, designed to provide golfers with convenient, hands-free audible GPS information. These sleek, wireless earbuds offer high-quality sound for both GPS guidance and music enjoyment.



The right earbud features an intuitive touch button that delivers precise distances to greens and hazards, enhancing the golfing experience. Comfortable and lightweight, the TEAM8 E connects seamlessly to your smartphone's GPS. Their innovative design combines functionality and entertainment, making them a must-have for tech-savvy golfers.


World's First Golf GPS Earbuds

TEAM8 E Gray (8)


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