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  • COMPACT – 8.5×8.5×3.4 cm – The videoprojector VPRO1 is small but mighty. Stick it in your coat pocket and go kind of small; blow your audience’s mind kind of mighty. Designed to transform any environment into an immersive multimedia experience, it’s a transportable and autonomous mobile home cinema with an internal speaker, battery, USB and HDMi ports.


  • HOME CINEMA – The VPRO1 defies screen size limitations. Binge watching shows on your laptop is fine; a 120″ private viewing screen on your bedroom ceiling is downright awesome. It’s more than a portable projector. The staggering immensity of the display screen and unrivaled picture clarity create a transportive environment. Don’t settle for small screens when streaming movies with Netflix or Youtube, killing it at Candy Crush or flipping through photo albums. Think big picture, everywhere.


  • PORTABLE – Built to withstand continuous usage, from board meetings to rugged adventures, the VPRO1 is crafted from a single piece of durable aluminum and nearly weightless. It doesn’t slack on aesthetics, either. With an ultra-modern, clean chrome exterior, the VPRO1 will become a seamless extension of your tech tool collection. Where will you take it?


  • DURABLE – Featuring the most radiant and enduring proprietary LED digital based light technology available, with a lifespan of up to 20000 hours, you could watch 1 full-length film on the daily for 20+ years. Your VPRO1 would still be shining bright, delivering unbeatable clarity and vividness.




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