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The TecTecTec XPRO2+ action camera covers all the basic recording and photo taking functions. It is highly recommended to those selecting their first 4K action camera. It includes a self timer, time-lapse recording, and more. It is one of the best budget action camera for beginners.

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New Features available on XPRO2+

     Sound recording, Slow Motion Mode, Time Lapse Mode (video created with pictures taken from intervals ranging from 0.5 to 60 seconds), Loop Recording (ideal for use as a dash cam), Self Timer Photo Mode, Battery Saver Mode as well as adjustable exposure and white balance settings. *Photo taken with an XPRO2+

High-Resolution, Super Wide-Angle Lens

     TecTecTec! Action Camera 4K ideal for filming every detail of your adventures. Xpro2+ is the ultra high definition, 4K 25 fps, 2.7 K 30 fps, 1080p 60 fps, 720p 90fps and 16 megapixel camera! Gear-mounted shots won’t leave anything out of frame with the wide 170° field of view, which creates more engaging footage and a viewing experience of unparalleled immersion.

Amazing Photo Features

     The XPRO2+ action camera photography surpasses the competition with amazing 16MP shots with multiple shots modes. This enables you to select your best shots from a series, or let the camera do the work without having to reach for the shutter button at those times when you just want to enjoy the ride. *Photo taken with an XPRO2+

TecTecTec 4K 16 MP WiFi Waterproof Action Camera XPRO2
TecTecTec Action Sport Camera Waterproof 30M with WiFi XPRO2 Kit

High Quality WiFi Ultra HD Action Camera

     DVR compatible with the app for Smartphones / Tablets (iOS and Android) The remote WiFi feature enables you to control your action camera using a smartphone or tablet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Various Shooting Modes  Fit All Situations

     Choose the action camera mode based on what you will be capturing. The sport mode in 1080 pixels 60 frames per second mode is perfect for fast action while the 4 K mode with 25 frames per second is ideal for shooting slower action in detail. *Photo taken with an XPRO2+                                                                                                                                       

Comes With a Full Package

     XPRO2+ comes with plenty of accessories, including a waterproof case, allowing you to film 30 meters underwater, as well as mounts to attach your camera to your helmets, surfboards, and bicycles. Other accessories are available in the compatible TecTecTec! kits (M, L and XL)


     TecTecTec product comes with a 30 day return policy. We also offer a 1 year warranty for all TecTecTec! products. If you have any problems, our friendly customer service is available in many languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian) whenever you need it. (Contact Us)

     Additionally, you can always extend the refund period and receive a 12 month warranty extension just by registering your warranty on our website. (Warranty Registration) 😀 

2 reviews for XPRO2+

  1. david anderson

    A great little camera for the price….as good as GoPro

  2. James

    Good camera
    I use my camera for 2 months all is working well, and resolution is awesome!

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