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If you expect your action camera to do MORE then the TecTecTec XPRO3 is for you. You’ll enjoy built-in, anti-shake functionality, a gyrostabilizer, underwater mode, HDR, and more. Simply choose different camera settings for different situations and let your XPRO3 bring out the best in your footage.

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Ultra High-Resolution, Wide-Angle Lens

The latest TecTecTec! innovation, our 170°A+ HD wide-angle lens, 4K XPRO3 action camera offers even better image and video capture. With 4K (4:3) 24 fps, 2K 30 fps, full HD 60 fps, and HD 120 fps modes. Also you can take photos of up to 16 MP in size. Store more with a maximum SD card capacity of 64 GB. The XPRO3 enjoys better sound and a higher performance battery.


New Specialized Modes

XPRO3 has Aqua Mode which is perfect for underwater shooting, because it has a brightening effect that captures more realistic video and color underwater. Motion Detection Mode that allows the camera to automatically begin recording when it detects motion.


Fully Equipped for Multiple Uses

The XPRO3 comes with plenty of accessories, including a waterproof case, allowing you to film 30 meters underwater, as well as mounts to attach your camera to your helmets, surfboards, and bicycles. Other accessories are available in the compatible TecTecTec! kits (M,L,XL).


Remote WiFi Control to Share Story Instantly

The remote WiFi feature enables you to control your action camera using a smartphone or tablet. Download your story and share it instantly on social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.



Various Photo Shooting Modes

Capture Mode, Auto Burst Shooting Mode and the ability to take “one-click” pictures while filming, and to turn on the action camera in just one second will keep you from missing a single moment during your adventure. Anti-shake technology that helps you capture a clear, stunning moment is also present in XPRO3 photo mode.


New Gyro RSC Stabilizer

Shaky video is the most common sports camera issue. The XPRO3 has Gyro RSC which helps to minimize shaking and deliver better quality videos. Xpro3 combines the latest technologies to offer an even better image and video than previous TecTecTec! cameras.


Built-in Time-lapse Shooting

Use Time-lapse Mode to create a video that shows changes over time in the simplest way. Time-lapse Mode takes pictures automatically at 1 to 60 second intervals and you can change the settings to suit all kinds of situations and create videos that perfectly match your preferences.



More Build-in Functions

XPRO3 has HDR Technology Mode, Fisheye Adjustment, Color Filters, and easy adjustment of exposure, white balance, and sharpness to reduce the time of editing, Which helps you to record the best video under any condition.




The XPRO3 action camera comes with a 30 day return policy. We also offer a 1 year warranty for all TecTecTec! products. If you have any problems, our friendly customer service is available in many languages (English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian) whenever you need it. (Contact Us)

Additionally, you can always extend the refund period and receive a 12 month warranty extension just by registering your warranty on our website. (Warranty Resgistration) 😀

XPRO3 Function


Creates a video that shows change over time. Time-lapse Mode takes pictures automatically at 1 to 60 second intervals. You can change the settings to better suit all kinds of situations.

Gyro RSC

Helps to minimize shaking and deliver better quality videos.

Slow Motion

Takes a clearer, closer look at the action you capture by slowing down the speed of the video.

Motion Detection

Allows the camera to automatically begin recording when it detects motion.

Aqua Mode

For use while underwater shooting, uses a brightening effect that captures more realistic video and color underwater.

Field of Vision

Choose from different fields of view including narrow, medium, and wide.

Fisheye Adjustment

Mitigates the fisheye effect and adjusts wide‐angle distortion.


Burst mode shooting that takes up to 10 pictures in one-click.

Capture Mode

Sets a delay timer for selfies or group photos.


Prevents movement caused by hand shaking while taking pictures to help you capture a clear, stunning moment.


Determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by your camera.


Adds a more even ratio of light to dark in situations with difficult lighting while preventing overexposure.


Offers 3 different quality settings.


Determines the amount of detail the imaging system will reproduce and brings clarity to your images while maintaining their real color.


Auto-detects different types of light or uses manual settings to bring out the most realistic pictures under various circumstances.


Offers 3 different color filters.


Adjusts your camera’s level of sensibility to available light. The lower the ISO the less sensitive it is to the light, the higher the ISO the greater the sensitivity of the camera.


Prevents flickering in your video under different light sources by building in two different frequency settings.


Allows you to control your camera and view videos via a smartphone or tablet. Download your favorites and share them instantly on social media.

TV Output / TV Mode

Works with both NTSC and PAL setups.


Sets a timer to automatically turn off the camera’s screen to save battery.


Turns on or off the beeping sound made by the buttons.

Date stamp

Allows you to control whether or not date and time appear in the lower left corner of your videos and photos.

Record Audio

Turns audio on or off while recording video.

Auto Power Off

Sets a timer allowing the camera to turn off automatically to save battery.

4 reviews for XPRO3

  1. opencircuit.electronics

    Fantastic camera! Very wonderful!

  2. Jonathan

    Super caméra largement supérieure à ces prédécesseures !!! Beaucoup plus de possibilités et une meilleure qualité d’image !!!

  3. Karim

    Très bon produit, pleins de possibilité. Caméra très discrète et de très bonne qualité d’images.Je la recommande à tout le monde.

  4. Anthonin

    XPRO 3 reçu grâce au concours facebook !
    Qualité au rendez-vous et la qualité du son est impecable par rapport à la XPRO 2

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