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XPRO4 Long Exposure Function and How Do You Use It?


XPRO4 Long Exposure Function and How Do You Use It?


  • What can be done using long exposure on the XPRO4?
  1.  Show the light trails of bright moving objects
  2.  Capture the motion blur of moving objects
  3.  Take pictures despite not having any light source


  • How do I use the light painting technique using the XPRO4 long exposure function?
    • What do I need?
      • A dark place with bright moving objects or…
      • A dark place with a single light source (Phone screen, flashlight, )

Step 1: Choose “Long Exposure” mode and then choose the exposure time.(How can I reach the Settings page)

tutorial-picturescam-010 tutorial-picturescam-011

Step 2: After choosing your desired exposure time you will have that long to move your light source in order to create your cool long exposure picture.

Samples taken using an XPRO4 (Light Source: Phone screen)






Here are 3 helpful tips 🙂
Tip 1: Set a self-timer to try this function alone.

Tip 2: Practice before you take pictures to make sure your movement doesn’t exit the viewfinder.

Tip 3: Find a light source that easily turns on and off in order to draw clearly.

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