Fun Facts About TecTecTec

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About the Founder

#1 He has traveled to more than 40 countries.

#2 There are more than six surfboards in his garage.

#3 His 2-year-old daughter speaks more languages than him.

#4 From 4-6PM you'll NEVER find him. It’s father-daughter time.


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About the Story

#1 TecTecTec's first office was a studio apartment.

#2 The name, TecTecTec, was born in a bar across from the Vannes harbor. After a few beers.

#3 TecTecTec started with just 50 cameras and 50 rangefinders.

About the Team

TecTecTec fun facts founder

The first three people to join the team have known each other for over 25 years. They are all engineers under 36 years old.

TecTecTec fun facts oldest team member

The oldest team member in TecTecTec is over 64 years based in Vannes Brittany.

TecTecTec fun facts surfing at 5am

Some of the team members start their day surfing at 5 AM.

TecTecTec fun facts customer letter

We read each and every word we receive from you, and we keep all your letters.

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A large part of the TecTecTec team is based in Bali, Indonesia. (5 AM sunrise in Bali) #nofilter

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Since 2014, TecTecTec has never slept. The team all around the globe is at hard at work in their different time zones.

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