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XPRO4 Parameters

XPRO4 Parameters

  • Default Mode
    After turning on the camera, select either video or photo mode to begin.


  • Quick Capture
    Allows the XPRO4 to start recording automatically when turned on.


  • EIS
    Newer, more effective anti-shake technology which minimizes small movements that traditional tech can’t detect.


  • Motion Detect
    Allows the camera to automatically begin recording for 10-30 seconds after detecting motion.


  • Long Exposure
    Easily create long exposure photos using the XPRO4.


  • Dual Files
    XPRO4 will create two files, one large and one small. When you want to view videos using your phone, the smaller file will play to provide a smooth playback.


  • Photo / Video Stamp
    Allows you to control whether or not the date and time appears in the lower right-hand corner of your videos and photos.


  • Time-Lapse Video
    Creates a video that shows change over time. Time-lapse Mode takes pictures automatically at 1 to 60 second intervals. You can change the settings to suit all kinds of situations.


  • Loop Record
    If the setting for loop recording is “1 Minute,” the camera will create video clips every 1 minute – and the oldest 1 minute clips will be deleted when the camera requires more memory.


  • Self Timer
    Sets a delay timer for selfies or group photos.


  • Photo Burst
    Burst mode shooting to take up to 10 pictures in one-click.


  • Time-Lapse Photo
    The XPRO4 will take still pictures at designated intervals.


  • Auto DVR
    When the DVR function is on, Auto DVR mode will allow the camera to start recording when it is connected to power.


  • Delay Off
    When the camera is in Auto DVR mode and Delay Off is on, it keeps your camera recording even during a collision or after an accident when power is disconnected.


  • TV Mode
    Works with both NTSC and PAL setups.


  • Light Frequency
    Prevents flickering in your video under different light sources thanks to two different built-in frequency settings.


  • OSD
    When on, the interface will show information. When off, the interface won’t show information.


  • Auto Shutdown
    Sets a timer allowing the camera to turn off automatically.


  • Screen Off
    Sets a timer to automatically turn off the camera’s screen and save battery.


  • Status LED
    Choose the number of LED status lights you prefer.


  • WiFi LED
    Turn the WiFi on LED status light on the front of the camera on or off.


  • Beep
    Turns on or off the beeping sound made by the buttons.


  • Microphone Volume
    Adjust how the volume at which you want to record from 0% to 100%.


  • Sharpness
    Determines the amount of detail the imaging system will reproduce and brings clarity to your images while maintaining their real color.


  • AWB
    White Balance can auto-detect different types of light or use manual settings to bring out the most realistic pictures under various circumstances.


  • EV Value
    Determines how light or dark an image will appear.


  • Scene Mode
    Flash: Brightens an image in dark settings
    Night: Enhances view when shooting at night
    Sports: Provides a clear image when shooting fast moving objects
    Landscape: Ideal for capturing landscapes
    Portait: Enhances skin color and moderates color to emphasize portraits
    Sunset: Adjusts white balance to warm colors


  • Effect Mode
    Different special effects filters, 70 film, Black and White, Sepia and more.


  • ISO
    Adjusts your camera’s level of sensibility to available light. The lower the ISO the less sensitive it is and the higher the ISO the greater the sensitivity of the camera.


  • Metering
    Captures better visuals more consistently by adjusting for light sensitivity from different sources.


  • Bluetooth Pair
    Activate it, then press any key on the remote to pair.


  • WiFi
    Allows you to control your camera and view videos via a smartphone or tablet. Download your favorites and share them instantly on social media.
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