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How Do I Delete Files from My XPRO?

————————————————– XPRO1 ————————————————– Step 1 View the file you want to delete by selecting either JPG or VIDEO   Step 2 Keep the file you want to delete on the screen Step 3 Press and hold “Down” arrow button   Step 4 Select “Delete” from the menu   Step 5 Choose “Single” if you want[…]

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XPROs Camera Overview

XPRO1 59,99€ Budget 1080P Easy to Operate Suitable for Beginners If you need an easy to use action camera without too many complicated functions to record your life the XPRO1 should be your first, low budget choice. It is easy to operate and creates perfectly sized files to edit and share with friends and family.[…]

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What Can You Do with the XPROcam App (Android)?

  What Can You Do with the XPROcam App (Android)?   Select either Video or Photo Mode Use different functions such as self-timer, photo burst, etc. Change the resolution Change the settings for each function View photos and play back video Delete and download files Share downloaded photos and videos