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How Do I Configure My Smartphone to Connect to My XPRO2/2+?

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IMPORTANT!!! Format your SD card from the camera first before you connect your XPROs with new APP. 


How Do I Configure My Smartphone to Connect to My XPRO2/2+?


  • Introduction 


     The XPRO2+ can be controlled via WiFi connection to a smartphone and this cool and convenient feature is a big "plus" for action cam users. Here, we'll show you exactly how configure your smartphone and connect it to the XPRO2+.

     This tutorial was made using an Android phone, but the application also exists for iPhone.


  • Steps

     First, open the Play Store app then search for the XDV application and install it.




     Once the application is installed, activate the WiFi camera. To do this, simply press the up button (on the side of the camera). You will see the following message on the screen of your XPRO2+:



     You can now connect your phone to the WiFi network "ActionCam" using the password 1234567890.



     Once connected, open XDV again and select the WiFi network "Action Cam".

Congratulations! You can now control your XPRO2+ from your smartphone.



Please look forward to our follow up tutorial where we show you how to use the app itself.

*Additional Information: TecTecTec! is not the developer of the application. If you experience problems please contact the developer directly.

6 thoughts on “How Do I Configure My Smartphone to Connect to My XPRO2/2+?

  1. xdv tells i connection overtime will not connect also tried xprocam all that says camer connect dose nothing also

    1. Hi Charles,
      Please try our app XPROCAM. Before to connect your camera make sure the micro Sd card has been formated with the camera.

  2. Tengo una xpro2 y no se conecta al móvil ni con la xdv ni con la aplicación de TEC TEC TEC. Que puedo hacer?

    1. Buenos días,
      Gracias por su mensaje. Le aconsejamos utilizar la app XPROCAM para su cámara.
      Me quedo disponible si tiene algunas preguntas.
      Saludos cordiales

  3. La connessione salta dopo pochi secondi,a volte non si connette proprio.
    Cortesemente mi potreste indicare se si può risolvere il problema..

    1. Please try the app XPROCAM. We are developping an update fro this app.

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